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Collide Your Worlds

Like many others, my family recently hosted a Super Bowl party.  Those who’ve held similar gatherings know that a perpetual hosting challenge is finalizing the guest list.  A cardinal rule for some is to “never let your worlds collide”.  You can choose which group of friends to invite (work, school, neighborhood), but never invite them all to the same party.  We reason that having friends from different “worlds” all come together will just make more work!  More work getting conversations started.  More work keeping conversations going.  More work maintaining the peace if someone brings up politics.  An easier solution, we think, is to just keep our worlds separate.

While this strategy might make for less work when hosting a party, the opposite is true when serving your community.  At the intersection of faith and mental health, the key to doing less work is to consistently collide your worlds.  If you work in the mental health field, collide the world of your agency with the world of local ministires that assist the population you serve.  If you are a member of a faith community, collide the world of clergy with the world of organizations able to support those in your congregation.  When done well, these introductions can move from being painful collisions to fruitful connections.  Far from creating more work, these connections will do the work for you as new friendships produce results you could have never acheived alone.  So when serving your community, collide your worlds.  Doing so will bring more health than harm.

David Eckert, Director of Intersect

Recommended Resources
Below are resources for the purpose of wellness, education, and service.

Foster. Link. Advocate. Connect.

One group that helps “collide worlds” through connecting people with resources is the Montgomery County Office of community connections.  If you live in Montgomery County, reach out to them if you want to know whether a resource is available in your community.  If you aren’t in Montgomery County, explore whether a similar program is available within your own county for connecting people to resources.

Are you struggling with a need – but don’t know where to turn? Call Community Connections at 610-278-3522 to speak to a trained, courteous, and experienced professional who can connect you to resources and services in Montgomery County.

Are you or a loved one looking for…

  • Help in finding affordable housing or maintaining housing?
  • Assistance in locating mental health or addiction services such as in-patient or out-patient rehab?
  • Help in searching for affordable legal services?
  • Food pantries and soup kitchens in your area and other ways to supplement your family’s food/dietary needs?
  • Supportive services for educational needs like in-school supports, adult literacy, or career development?

Navicates can assist with these needs and many more! 


Intersect: Join Our Multi-Faith Coalition

The Multi-Faith Coalition exists to cultivate trust and collaboration between people from diverse faith communities and service organizations by acting as a convener to promote dialogue and resource sharing for the common good. The coalition consists of three committees that play an important role in how we accomplish this mission, including the Resource Sharing Committee. Members of the Resource Sharing Committee actively work together to identify resources and gaps in services so that we can more effectively strengthen our collective efforts to improve the overall health of our region.

Visit our webpage to learn about how you can get involved.

Looking for a way to help those in your community?

Intersect: Community Needs Facebook Group

This Facebook group functions as a care portal for faith communities who are looking to meet local needs in Bucks and Montgomery Counties. We will post needs specific to the individuals supported by Access Services. These may include needs for relational support, material resources, and/or monetary donations. We encourage you to share this page with your family and friends. While we started this page to provide concrete service opportunities to local faith communities, we encourage any community members who are interested in giving back to join!

Questions to Ponder

1.    When have you seen connections help you make an impact that you couldn’t have made alone?
2.    Who from your different worlds could you connect to each other for the common good?


Do you have something to contribute or a question to ask?

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