Now that the school year is in full swing, Bucks County LIFE aims to support families and young people involved with special education. Take a moment to explore these links to forge the path for a successful school year as well as, prepare for transition planning with students interested in post-secondary education or a vocation following graduation. Bucks County LIFE have staff to support families who would like assistance with special education planning. We can be reached at 1-888-442-1590, option 1.

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Links to Resources
Below are resources to navigate Special Education & Transition Planning


IEP 101: Starting with the basics

The PA parent guide to special education created by PATTAN provides the process, rights, timelines, sample letters, and laws associated with special education.

In addition, a comprehensive guide has been created by the Education Law center: The right to special education in Pennsylvania.


Transitions from High School to College/Post-Secondary Learning:

The PEAL center has a series of recorded webinars from their "Transition Tuesdays" series that covers all topics of planning for transitions beyond graduation. Remember that transition planning through IEPs officially begin at the age of 14 but it’s never too early for students to be thinking about their goals and dreams. We encourage young people and families to open discussions with their IEP team even before the age of 14, to discuss goals and steps needed to achieve them.

With a qualifying 504 plan, colleges will develop reasonable supports and accommodations to support students. If a student is considering post-secondary learning, many colleges have developed specialized programs to accommodate a wide variety of learning needs. Exploration into colleges should include their ‘office/department of disabilities’ to see if the college is a good fit for the young person. Furthermore, some colleges have developed specialized programs for students who learn differently. As an example, here is a link for colleges that have autism support programs.


Transitions from High School to Vocations:

Planning for a vocation after graduation starts with speaking with your IEP/504 team. Consider your local vocational technical school for adult learning within trades. Apprenticeships may be an option as advertised in local job advertisements. The Occupation Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) may be an option to get individuals started on vocational and job training paths.


Know your parental rights: Understanding the Procedural Safeguards Notice

Parents of children who receive or who may be eligible for special education services have rights under a law called the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). This brochure provides a summary of those rights.


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Keep doing what you are doing for your child and continue to advocate. You are the expert of your child. You know what your child needs and may need to do research on your own to get your child’s needs met.
If you are unsure what to do or how to best advocate for your child, reach out to Bucks LIFE. We are parents who understand the struggles, provide emotional support, and guide you through the process. We have been or are currently in your shoes. Reach out to us at
888-442-1590, option 1 or

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